GDM Holdings consists of a team of specialists who eliminate the frustration of HR issues within your business, as well as being on hand to assist and handle all your legal issues.

We set the trend for the future way all enterprises will be dealing with their HR and Legal issues within the organisation.

We at GDM Holdings guarantee service excellence. Our aim is to assist you to sort out all your HR and Labour issues, as well as to alleviate the pressure of dealing with various Legal Consultants, thereby allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

With our professional board of directors, GDM Holdings prides itself on exceptional integrity and compliance as well as exceptional customer service and transparency.

We value long term relationships above all else.

We have strict criteria and requirements for admitting firms or people to our panel, thereby ensuring the best service at all times.

We can accommodate clients with multiple branches throughout the Republic Of South Africa.

We specialise in the following :

Human Resources

    • Strategic HR – Staff Planning meetings, Bosberaad
    • HR Policies and Procedures
    • Operational HR
    • Onboarding – induction
    • Recruitment – contingency recruitment, contract, temporary
    • Interview questionnaires
    • First / Screening Interviews – HR
    • Second Interviews / Line Interviews
    • Talent Management – fast tracking (especially BEE candidates), management development
    • Performance Management
    • Appraisals
    • Labour Relations
    • Disciplinaries etc
    • Training and Development
    • Remuneration
    • Payroll
    • Personnel Files
    • Employment Contracts
    • Skills Development Plans
    • Workforce Planning
    • EE Plans
    • Company Rescue
    • Employee Benefits
    • OHS /ISO 18001
    • ISO 9001-2008
    • ISO 27001
    • ISO 14001

    Company Registrations

  • Conversions from cc to Pty Ltd                                                  Vat
  • Company Tax No                                                                           P.A.Y.E
  • UIF                                                                                                    BEE  etc